New Products

New Extreme Series

Cepex is developing now a new range of products specially thought for the most exigent industrial applications: The Extreme Series, with Ball valves, Butterfly valves and Diaphragm valves in different plastic materials (PVC-U, CPVC, PP-H, PVDF and ABS), manual or automatically actuated (with the most reliable brands of actuators in the market), with several improvements in the product performance (tolerances, flow rates, etc.) and taking special care in the quality of these products (new internal quality controls, assembly made by specialists, product customization, maximum detailed documentation and project analysis before starting the production).


With these Extreme Series we are now reaching new markets such as chemical plants, petrochemical, iron and steel plants, mining… providing them not only a high quality product but also technical cooperation in their projects.

New diaphragm valve

Cepex is launching its new manual diaphragm valve specially designed for industrial applications. With sveral objectives in mind like extremely precise flow regulation, minimal pressure loss and extreme security, we have designed a new diaphragm valve which accomplish with the most demanding requirements of the market.


For the moment, this diaphragm valve is available with a body in PVC-U and a support in PP-H reinforced, a diaphragm in EPDM or FPM. In these moments we are working in a range widening expanding the materials used into PVC-C or PP-H and preparing the automatic version.

The valve is available in sveral unons versions: solvent socket, threaded, with flanges or PE100 butt welding adapting it to any installation need; it has also metalic inserts to fix it in walls or different supports.


All the range is certificated with the CE mark and has some security elements like the padlock seurity device in the handwheel or the bolt protections.


We hope this valve will like you for its aesthetic as well as for it performance and characteristics.

Compression Fittings Reestyling

Cepex has recently been a number of improvements to its accessories range of polypropylene with compression , in this way the fixtures are more competitive and ensure compliance with the highest expectations of the market.

Keeping the form of all the accessories, whith high quality supports up to 16 bar pressure,changed the nut and ferrule press adapted according to comments made by customers.

In the cap has worked in the clipping area, now is sufficient mobility and the board gives freely to push the tube, while ensuring the tightness in the opposite direction.

On the nut part, efforts have been improved especially in the nerves has completely changed the design of the nut, providing a thicker, rounded ribs, besides conferring greater strength and better appearance.

We hope these changes will please our customers and serve to provide the installation of such accessories.

In addition to these changes, compression fittings Performance range of Cepex retain all its previous features: perfect seal, easy installation, reliability, adopted by the leading institutes worldwide, certificate suitable for potability and irrigation facilities, water treatment and distribution, industry, etc..

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