We manage the most important: quality and environment

Quality and environment

Quality management

CEPEX, S.A.U. is committed to develop its activity within the social, economic and environmental responsibility, applying a policy contextualized within the Corporate Social Responsibility of FLUIDRA.

Our purpose is to offer the fluid driving market products for the INDUSTRY, SWIMMING POOL, IRRIGATION, GARDEN and CONSTRUCTION that meet the legal and regulatory requirements and meet the needs of our customers and users, so that they are recognized as a benchmark in the sector. .
To do this, management undertakes to comply with the Quality Policy described here based on:

– A quality oriented to the market.
Making products that meet the needs of our customers and the legal and regulatory provisions.
– A competitive quality.
Establishing a quality system based on the principles of profitability and continuous improvement.
– A quality oriented towards the prevention of defects.
For the awareness and responsibility of our employees regarding quality.

Environmental management

Three main characteristics of our environmental policy are the key to our commitment to the environment:

  1. A policy in compliance with the legislation.
    Pursuit and fulfillment of the current and future applicable legislation at the municipal, regional, national, and European levels.
  2. A policy orientated toward reducing the environmental impacts resulting from materials and processes in all our facilities.
    Proactive management aimed at reducing waste and emissions and preventing pollution.
  3. A policy-oriented toward widespread understanding, consideration, and ownership of environmental issues.
    Commitment to the on-going improvement and promotion of environmental management by informing, training, motivating, and encouraging the participation of all personnel at all levels of the organization.

To fulfill our commitments, within our manufacturing companies we have achieved the certification of our Environmental Management System under ISO 14001,an international standard that regulates the impact of production and service activities on the environment.

Quality policies

You can download our declaration of quality policies

Environmental information

You can download everything about our environmental policy and the recycling of PVC