Specific solutions

Cepex valve solutions

The extensive range of Cepex products and their quality make it possible to act in many markets related to the transport of fluids. Its valves and accessories in different materials and the different quality ranges allow to use them in water, chemical, evacuation, etc.

Important markets

Swimming pools

With product ranges specially designed for residential swimming pool applications and that, together with the rest of the products and services provided by other companies of the Fluidra group and for all its commercials, is one of the markets in which it can provide a complete solution, from the design, until the complete distribution of all the necessary products.


We also have compression fittings, manholes, collectors for electrovalves, etc., which completes our irrigation range. Fluidra is also the distributor of the largest brands of irrigation products worldwide and we have our own range of Cepex products (electrovalves, sprinklers/diffusers, programmers, etc.).


In addition to the PVC-U product range for water transport, Cepex has developed its own range of industrial liquid transport products, using different types of plastics (PP-H, CPVC, PVDF …) to adapt to different conditions of temperature, chemical resistance, pressure, etc. in what we have called Cepex Extreme Series.

Technical assistance

Customer service is the most important thing for us, and that of all companies in the Fluidra group. Our clients have direct access to a technical and customer service team with years of experience and oriented to answer any technical query, project specification, quality problems, etc. related not only to the products we manufacture but also to the applications where our products work.

Our customer service also improves the facilities of the Fluidra group, which have a logistics center called Trace Logistics and which has a storage space of 55,000 m2 and an automatic movement capacity of 20,000 pallets.

Cepex technical support

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