PVC Pressure Fittings

As demonstrated by our product certifications (AENOR, AFNOR, Kiwa, etc.),

Cepex offers the highest-level guarantee for all its PVC Fittings for pressurized fluid handling applications.
The extensive range of sizes and combinations we offer will accommodate any system design.
The dimensions of our fittings comply with UNE-EN 1452-3, UNE-EN 1452-3, DIN 8063,
and NF 54016/54029 standards, while many of our products meet other standards as well,
including British, ASTM and Thai.



PVC fittings

Solvent cement

Manifold fittings

Sight glasses


Technical Features


  • From D16 up to D315
  • Fittings threaded, solvent socket and adaptors
  • Adhesives and cleaners of our own brand


  • Dimensions and characteristics according to EN 1452-3.
  • To be installed on PVC pipes conforming to EN 1452-2.

Working pressure

  • At 20ºC (73ºF) D16 – D140: PN 16 D160 – D315: PN 10 Threaded fittings: PN 10


  • Perfect sealing under all conditions.
  • Tested and approved by the world’s premier certification institutes.
  • Strength. Cepex fittings offer both high impact and high tensile strength.


  • Chemical resistance. PVC fittings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. For more information see our chemical resistance chart.
  • Durability.
  • Assembly. All that is required to join Cepex PVC fittings with PVC pipe is Cepex solvent cement (see solvent cementing instructions).



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