PE100 Fittings

Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic that belongs to the group of polyolefines. Partially crystalline, it is an environmentally compatible product.
In comparison to other thermoplastics, PE shows essential advantages which make it specially suitable for water and gas distribution applications, but can also be used in irrigation systems, industrial facilities or in building installations.
Also described as third generation polyethylene types (or MRS 10), offers higher density and therefore improved mechanical properties to previous developments (PE 80 / PE63).
The employed PE-material complies with the requirements of EN 12201 (plastic pipe systems for drinking water supply) and EN 1555 (plastic pipe systems for gas supply).



Butt welding

Technical Features

Geomtric propierties and working pressure

  • External iameter and wall thickness accoridng EN 1555 and EN 12201.
  • Relationship between esternal diameter / wal thickness SDR with working pressure PN: PE 100 SDR 11 PN 16 PE 100 SDR 17 PN 10


  • Electrofusion or butt welding.
  • PE 100 fittings could be welded in the range MFR (0,3 – 0,5) g/10 min., with all the piping corresponding to regulations EN 12201 y EN 1555.

PE advantages

  • High resistance to impact and corrosion (ver good chemical resistance).
  • Flexible (ideal for underground installations).
  • Light weight (less transport cost and manipulation).
  • Thermal resistance (up to 80ºC).
  • Resistant to low temepratures.
  • Good resistance to fire.
  • Welded unions, homogeneous and reliable (electrofusion or butt welding).
  • Low friction coefficietn to avoid particle accumulation.



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