Filtration Manual and Automatic

The Cepex filtration range is based on low maintenance and optimum safety in filtration.

New TWISTER system which helps to a water saving and filter long life.

Optimization of the performance and minimum frequency and intensity of maintenance labours.


LF Filters

HF filters

Automatic filters

Technical Features


  • Cepex LF (Low Flow) from ¾” to 1”1/2
  • Cepex HF (High Flow) from 2” to 6”


  • Standard screen at 130 microns
  • Standard discs at 130 microns
  • Available other filtration standards

Maximum working pressure

  • Cepex LF – 8 bar/116 psi – 60 ºC/140 º
  • Cepex HF – 10 bar/146 psi – 60 ºC/140 ºF


  • Cepex LF
  • Maximum quality and safety in filtration with a wide range of filtration levels in screens and discs.
  •  Low maintenance cost.
  • Strength because they are manufactured from thermoplastic materials.
  • Efficient threaded closure system for high and low pressures.
  • Resistant to chemical products.
  • Easy installation and handling.
  • Equipped with auxiliary connections: lid with a threaded connection for drainage and depressurisation, manometer output, etc.
  • Cepex HF
  • Filtration by disc or screen. Maximum safety. Its design and the materials used to make it guarantee long life and high resistance.
  • Made with plastic material to avoid corrosion
  • Little need of maintenance and that is easy, without the need for tools.
  • Water and energy saving.
  • Modularity: the system allows for a wide range of possibilities with a minimum number of components
  • The cartridge’s sealing system allows easy decompression of the disc compartment.


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