New Cepex Technical Catalogue

Cepex has recently finished its New Technical catalogue for the fluid handling (valves and fittings).

This catalogue is aimed mainly to water distribution systems or low profile fluid systems, as we have the Extreme Series exclusively dedicated to high profile industrial applications.

In the new technical catalogue, you can find lots of news as: installation advicing, manufacturing and quality standards, a very new section for the actuated valves, new products and configurations, etc.

We recommend a detailed reading of the catalogue to know all the characteristics and advantages of the Cepex products, as well as all the available product possibilities.

The catalogue is available in the Downloads section (complete and divided by sections), and in every single product downloads.

New website for the industrial sector

In the development of products for the industrial fluid handling market, Cepex has launched the new Extreme Series.

The Extreme Series is based in ball valves, butterfly valves and diaphragm valves in several formats, materials, configurations, actuation, etc. adapted to fulfill the needs of the most exigent industrial markets.

In this development, we also have set up a new website: CepexIndustrial which is already available and where you can get access through its website url ( or from the Industry section of the Cepex general website; in this new website you can find all the products available in the Extreme Series, as well as their characteristics, possibilities, etc.

For any doubt about the Extreme Series, you can contact as by the usual way.

New products, new exhibitions

Due to the recent launch of the Cepex Extreme Series products, the exhibitions to which our company is participating have changed and targeted more into the industrial process or water treatment market.

Nowadays, we are introducing this new range of products worldwide, targeting our efforts in Europe as a first step and participanting in exhibitions such important as IFAT (Munich), Aquatech (Amsterdam), Achema (Frankfurt) or Valve World (Dusseldorf), forgetting all the fittings and PVC-U valves, for whixh everybody knows us already, to dedicate our efforts to introduce the new range.

Also we are stablishing collaborations with some of our clients to be able to show real applications o our product.

We hope to see you in some of these exhibitions.

New Cepex irrigation range

Cepex is launching a new RESCOM irrigation range of products with its own brand; this range offers complete solutions for all the needs in turf and garden irrigation. To achieve this, we have selected the most innovative products of the best manufacturers in the market and we have jointed them in a range that offers the perfect solution for easy and reliable installations.


The range consists in the following products: sprinklers, spray heads with its nozzles, solenoid valves, electric and battery controllers, miicro irrigation systems, drip irrigation pipe and fittings, valve boxes, fittings and valves, filters; all with the quality symbol of a brand like Cepex.

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